Old School:


Hush Puppies

Siracha remoulade, Rachel’s mustard sauce



Shrimp Po’Boy

Shredded lettuce, spicy remoulade, fries



Half a Pound o’ Fried Catfish

Red beans and rice



Petey’s Fried Chicken

Southern style kale greens



Mess o’ Spicy Shrimp

BBQ jus, three cheese grits



Chicken Andouille Gumbo

Carolina rice


New School


Carolina gold rice balls

Smoked country ham, Cajun aioli



South’s Louie Salad

Iceberg wedge, sweet and tangy Louie sauce, crayfish, fried oyster



Chef’s Burger

Havarti, leek-shallot jam, bacon confit, spicy aioli, house pickles, brioche bun, fries



The BBQ platter

Smoked brisket, bbq chicken, hot link, country white bread, hot Memphis bbq sauce, Rachel’s mustard sauce, jalapeno jam



Seared Cajun Spiced “Market Fish”,

Seasonal local vegetable, roasted fingerling potatoes, Tasso beurre blanc



The Hot Pot

Spicy seafood broth, steamed shrimp, scallop and mussels, sweet baby peppers, fingerlings, roasted poblano chili, three cheese grits




Mac n’ Cheese

Leg o’ Fried chicken

Red Beans and Rice



Three Cheese Grits