Moving on Up

In my mind, our landlord Mr. Fong and I are BFF's. We go have coffee together at the Starbucks on Broadway, we gossip about the neighbors, "No she didn't Mr. Fong!" "Oh yes she did N'Gina!"...but in reality we're not and he probably thinks I'm a damn nut job every time I enthusiastically run outside to say, "Hi" or ask if he wants to take a selfie. Maybe it's my excitement about the future in the new space, that things are finally moving forward and I'm eager to spill my happiness all over anyone that spends time in my hemisphere.

Me and My Homie

Me and My Homie

I must say that if Mr. Fong and I were friends I would ask, "Dude, real talk, how come y'all never cleaned the walls in this joint?" The cleaning of the space is more of a task than I really anticipated. It's 26 years of dirt, dust and HELLA grease. While cleaning the oven, I had my entire body inside trying to scrub the back wall, as I pulled my body out of the oven I got stuck. My hair was completely trapped in the thick layer of grease on the roof of the oven and with that, it was the end of my Senegalese twists. Dammit I paid good money for that hair!

The challenges of our new schedule, of cleaning all day and then parenting at night, are starting to take their toll. We worry if we will open on time, can we make it this second time around, how are the kids holding up, all that self doubt shit that you do to sabotage your progress.  Panic attacks, arguing, apologizing, forcing each other to get some sleep, and that therapeutic glass of wine in the shower while washing off the grime that covers every inch of our skin.

That said, our tribe of friends and family is strong. They've helped clean, offered their skills for projects that we could have never tackled alone, had the come to Jesus talks with us when we are not seeing the forest for the trees and they have shared more than a couple beers at the end of the long days. When South opens I hope people understand how much so many people put into the birth of this baby. It's not just ours, it's really everyone's. So thank you to those that have helped and those that continue to support us. I know the wait has been long, but we are almost there and it will be well worth it.