Lights, Camera, Action

The hype is getting to me...

We have been blessed with the attention, the articles, the blog love that we have received over the past two years, but I find myself in these really shitty panicky moments of feeling like all the hype about South could backlash against us. That Sacramentians that crave the next "it" spot may put us on pedestal that, not only did I not want to stand on, but could not live up to in the imaginations of what some people perceive South to be.


Is the simple restaurant, with simple familial food slipping away from me and morphing into some Southern savior for the ever finicky palate of this city? We haven't even opened and already I'm wrought with disappointing guests and fellow chefs. People in my ear, "Are you going to be farm to table?" "What local farms are you sourcing from?" "You ARE going to participate in all the local culinary competitions and festivals, right?" "Is your fried chicken going to be better than so-and-such? Cause they have really good fried chicken?" 

FUUUUUCK!!! Can we just do us!

Can we not be compared to Blackbird, Porch, Sandra Dees etc.? Isn't there room for everyone's success in this city. Are we allowed to NOT participate in the countless competitions and festivals and if we don't, NOT be looked upon with having lack of city patriotism? Or support for the culinary brotherhood. Can I just run a restaurant and raise a family and THAT'S IT!? Just do those two things and not have to be part of the "bigger" picture.

I think two years ago I had a different outlook and hungrily wanted to dominate the food landscape. Food battles...we're in. Farm to Fork, fuck yeah!  Having my face on the cover of SacTown magazine with some rad ass Proenza Schouler frock and cask iron skillet in hand...BOOM ordering the dress right now on Net-a-Porter.

But...I'm tired now. I've been humbled by the fight, our losses have made me quiet and anger has forced me to reevaluate the importancy of things.  If we could just be successful without the hype and the exaggerated expectations, I would be happy. I really want so little from you Sacramento, other than for you to feel satiated when you leave our restaurant and to know that everyday we try so hard to stay true to us.

I'm a Guyton and a Quinn by birth and I have such an amazing story to tell you through food, if you could just let go of everything else and just sit with me for a hour. Is it date? Can we take it slow? Let's get to know each other. No kissing until the third date...yeah? Ok that's sounds good. No, I'm a Virgo, what?.. yeah I love Star're into that too, dope!