Peace, Love and Fried Chicken

The past two weeks have been amazing, frustrating, exhausting, humbling, and gracious. We probably opened earlier than we should have, considering we did not have things in place the way I would have like it. Shit we hadn't even discussed plating for the dishes the night we opened. It was like, " Is it clean? Alright put that gumbo in that bowl!" But we did it and we survived it. This beautiful amazing team that we have at South absorbed every ounce of feedback that we received in the first couple of days and took charge to correct the things that we were dropping the ball on or that wasn't even showing up in our radar. We have gotten A LOT of feedback! Some great, some good, some constructive and my opinion...just straight booty chatter (aka talkin' out ya' ass.)

I wanted to take the time to address some of the feedback that we have gotten and to update you on how we are listening and improving. First, we heard you loud and clear on the portion size of Petey's Fried Chicken. We changed our vendor, which is allowing us to give you more chicken on the plate. We are also bumping up the portion on the kale that comes with the dish.

The Hush Puppies and the Rice Balls will be getting all new plating and portion size upgrades, we are just waiting for the new containers to come in. We have and will add more Fixin' dishes- the Kale Greens are now available and in the next week expect to see Coleslaw and a Warm Root Vegetable Potato Salad topped with Crispy Shallots. The Mushroom Gumbo is coming to the menu soon and say "Goodbye" to the Market Fish and look forward to some Steamed Mussels with Pork Belly.  

We are training the staff to better help navigate guests through the gluten free and vegetarian options on the current menu. That said, we have had requests for gluten free fried chicken and unfortunately that is something we can not execute. We have two fryers, in our small kitchen, that push out everything fried and to truly offer fried chicken that is not cross contaminated with wheat flour from the fryers, would be impossible.

There are other dishes that we will continue to search to get better vendor pricing for and therefore be able to increase portion size, but like all things, it will take time. The one thing that most people don't understand is that being a small restaurant, not a chain, we are not always afforded the discounts that bigger brands get or the people that have established names in the industry get. We make EVERYTHING from scratch, even our spice mixes. Our freezer holds ice and French Fries, that's it.

Now to the booty chatter...

For those that have said that we are trying to be fancy or elevate Southern food, that we should have white table clothes because of the prices, or that they went to Texas on vacation so, therefore they know what Southern food is and we are do I put this...kiss my ass. Sorry I tried to think of some witty and clever wordplay, but these clowns have been non-stop with their malicious insults and I ain't got time for that.

So you went to the South, did all the touristy shit, never ate at someone's house who's lived there all their lives, got a bummer sticker, drank a hurricane and now you're an expert on Southern food. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the little donkey too, you people make me wanna lose my shit! As for the remark that we are trying to "elevate" Southern food... Do you know how insulting that is? Southern food is AMERICAN tradition. This food is some of the oldest food in this country, it's origins being a literal example of what America is. The mixing of cultures, history and the adaption over time to be inclusive of what is available in this new world. There is no elevating it. It began that way, fast food chains and Hollywood stereotyping in movies dumbed it down. Anyone that has eaten real Southern food knows that.

In the South. your name is everything- genealogy is important. You don't let people rake you through the mud for the hell of it. My husband says that I should keep quiet. Ignore the haters, but I'm not going to let people do that. Not to this broad. I know that not everyone is going to love us. For some, we are not going to be their cup of sweet tea, and that's fine. But I will not allow anyone to be mean for the sake of being mean. Everyday we try to be better, this isn't a game, it's our livelihood. So those that can come to us and let us know face to face how to be better, we welcome you with open arms. Those that want to send us malicious shit via social media...Bye Felicia!