CREAM Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all!!! (Chicken Rules Everything Around Me)

So we have four days left to raise funding for our Indiegogo campaign, and you may be wondering how you can help us in our twilight hours of our campaign. Well I have a little Q&A below to help you out and a new perk to get y'all excited to help us open SOUTH.

Q: "I want to contribute, but girl I got bills! Have you seen the price of gas lately! How can I help?"

A: I got you! Don't stress...there are two ways that you can help. First, we just added a new $10 Perk called the "I'm On Your Side". With your $10 contribution you get a complimentary side dish or happy hour snack on us. Plus a "thank you" on our contributors page on our website. Second, if $10 is too much (because believe me we've all been there, I survived off a 20lb. bag of rice for 3 months once when things were tight) just tell people about us. Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, dance and sing in the street, do whatever you have to do to spread the word and let people know about the campaign.

Q: "What is the link to your Indiegogo campaign?"

A: It's

Q: "If you don't reach your goal does this mean we don't get fried chicken?"

A: Chile please! With the funding that we get from this campaign we are still going to open SOUTH. We are being very flexible with nature of this beast and if we can't open in the bottom floor of our building we WILL open in a location in downtown/midtown Sacramento. We've had some interested parties approach us about opening in new spaces on the grid and we are definitely keeping our options open. 

So there it is, all the ways that you can help and more. So get to it and let's spread the word. Every dollar raised helps and gets us closer to our goal and closer to seeing SOUTH open. The more we can raise the sooner we can get open.