Hey Ladies!!!

This is Vincent Kopp...

He is the man that is feeding your Gumbo addiction. This is the face of your Gumbo and Red Beans and Rice Pusherman. First off, let's talk stats:

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 6'2''
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Years in The Business: 3
  • Occupation: Line Cook at South
  • Education: Currently a student at Sacramento City College studying Computer Science
  • Marital Status: Single

What!!!! N'Gina why are you mentioning his marital status? Well simply put, THE WEDDING PLANNER IN ME NEEDS TO SEE THIS KID MARRIED! Three words ladies...HE CAN COOK! Listen, the first time I tried the gumbo after handing over the recipe to him, he killed it. Gumbo is his passion, his pleasure. He practices making roux on his days off! He can tell the perfect ham hock by looking at it. He's a Spice Monger, an Andouille Whisperer, I think he even made up the Nike Swoosh, the kid has got talent.

Now I already had a Miss Cleo moment and predicted that he was gonna have a Black wife, four kids and the youngest would be a boy. So yes, that does narrow the application pool from which the possibilities of a long term relationship could prosper. But if you are Black woman in the Greater Sacramento area looking for love, well all you need to do is come on down to 2005 11th Street. I'm already planning your wedding, it's gonna be sick! I'm thinking a late Spring wedding, industrial chic, of course Southern food, but I digress we can talk about that later. So in summary, he's going to school, practices making roux on his day off and is an overall nice guy...

But wait, you say, "N'Gina I don't want a nice guy! I need a bad boy!"

Ok, well let me tell ya something. A bad boy doesn't help ya raise your kids, a bad boy doesn't go to LoBue and get you Spicy Thai soup when you're sick. Especially considering he'd rather spend an afternoon in Hell kicking it with Beelzebub and Valefar than go to LoBue. (Ian really hates LoBue. It's a long story). Lastly, and more importantly, a bad boy doesn't cook food with love for you. He makes microwaved Dinty Moore over crunchy undercooked rice preceded with an amuse bouche of burnt Totino's Pizza Rolls. Hey you want the bad boy, that's your journey. I'm just trying to drop some 8th grade science on ya, using personal experience to help you navigate the universe.