True Love

This past week was Valentine's Day. In our industry probably the busiest day of all the holidays. Real talk Valentine's Day is always a shit show. High expectations, special menus, last minute reservations, no shows, I could go on.

I've never been a super girly girl when it comes to Valentine's Day, I don't need all that commercial nonsense, really I don't. So this year my man gave me the best gift of all, he had my back. I was in the weeds and had just remembered I needed to preset silverware for the dessert course on my tables. I ran to get the preset tray and walked to my tables to see that Ian had already set the tables for that may sound like some nerdy server shit, but in my world nothing says love like someone presetting your next course for you.

Ian has always had my back and I tell ya, I couldn't have gotten through this whole journey without him by my side. Back in the day I had a little blog and one of the entries was about a catering that almost didn't make it to fruition and how the power of true love can keep your husband from killing you. Take a little read here and next time you see Ian, just give the old boy a pat on the back for putting up with my shit for almost 10 years.